Tropical fish and plants

Our Collections

  • Corydoras eques breeding group

    A rather unique looking corydoras , we are able to offer them in a breeding group.
    All of the eques we have are locally bred!

    Corydoras eques 
  • Chihiros doctor

    A constant electrolysis machine that can be used to destablize algae spores in tanks.
    Effective as long as constant water flow over/through the stainless membrane!
    Photos of tanks are all from local hobbyists!

    Chihiros doctor 3rd gen 
  • Ludwigia glandulosa - Water Primrose

    A thick stemmed Ludwigia, sometimes called the "Water primrose".
    Ludwigia glandulosa will display more of a giant red star from top down.
    Beautiful crimson colour with deep shades of red! Perfect for dutch styles to add in the background!

    Ludwigia glandulosa