Collection: Lunar year gifts!

For every $50 spent before tax and before shipping, you are eligible for 1 scratch to win draw! 
If your order is $100, $150, $200+ , your amount of draws will be 2,3, or 4+
No limit on draws per customer! 
Draw starts at Feburary 10th , End of draw will be Feburary 24th.
Credit usage starts march 1st , expiry at 31st of march. 
Usage of cards: Please send us photos of the back of the coupon cards to show the value of the entries. 
Once received, we will provide the dollar value of the cards to be deducted from your order at checkout!
*note on all live/dry goods, only 1 coupon can be used per species/per item.
*E.g: 1 $15 live good , can not be purchased with two $5 coupons. Same applies for all dry goods.
*All coupons are usable on all retail prices, not to be combined with special sales/any sales discounts.  
*All coupons can be transferred between customers, however they do not hold any cash value outside of our store or can be exchanged in terms of cash. 
*All final sales/acceptation of coupons is reversed by us Aquapets.
*Please note, we will double check on all coupons added to cart! If you are only eligible for 1, you will get the option to pick which number you are looking for out of your selected coupon numbers!